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Re: Implement shorten-pair for Hairpin (issue 315350043 by address@hidde

From: thomasmorley65
Subject: Re: Implement shorten-pair for Hairpin (issue 315350043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2017 03:37:18 -0800

On 2017/01/07 17:12:57, david.nalesnik wrote:
Please review. Thanks!

Hi David,

very nice.

I can't review C++-code, but applied the patch and tested with:

\layout { \override Hairpin.layer = 200 \override Hairpin.color = #red }

  \override Hairpin.minimum-length = 40
  \override Hairpin.shorten-pair = #'(-4 . -4)
  c'1\pppp~\< c'1~ c'2~ c'2\ffff\!
  c'1~\< c'1~ c'2~ c'2\!


Obviously the actual printed extents of the Hairpin are affected.
It's now possible that the Hairpin collides with DynamicText for bad
settings of shorten-pair.
DynamicText is not pushed out of the way. So shorten-pair is _not_ the
correct tool to set the overall length of a Hairpin, but for fine
tunings. For that purpose minimum-length is still the way to go.

This should be documented.

Worth a regtest and an entry in changes.

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