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Re: Implement shorten-pair for Hairpin (issue 315350043 by address@hidde

From: david . nalesnik
Subject: Re: Implement shorten-pair for Hairpin (issue 315350043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2017 04:48:33 -0800

On 2017/01/08 11:37:18, thomasmorley651 wrote:
On 2017/01/07 17:12:57, david.nalesnik wrote:
> Please review. Thanks!

Hi David,

very nice.

I can't review C++-code, but applied the patch and tested with:

\layout { \override Hairpin.layer = 200 \override Hairpin.color = #red

   \override Hairpin.minimum-length = 40
   \override Hairpin.shorten-pair = #'(-4 . -4)
   c'1\pppp~\< c'1~ c'2~ c'2\ffff\!
   c'1~\< c'1~ c'2~ c'2\!


Obviously the actual printed extents of the Hairpin are affected.
It's now possible that the Hairpin collides with DynamicText for bad
settings of
DynamicText is not pushed out of the way. So shorten-pair is _not_ the
tool to set the overall length of a Hairpin, but for fine tunings.

This is also the case with 'bound-padding and 'broken-bound-padding.  To
see this, replace the shorten-pair line in your example with

\override Hairpin.bound-padding = #-4

By the way, bound-padding isn't equivalent to shorten-pair.  If you
replace the shorten-pair overrides in my testing example with
bound-padding, you'll see no effect on the ends of the hairpins.
Bound-padding requires some sort of potentially colliding object on the
left or right.  (On the right this includes a barline -- even if there
is no span-bar.)

For that
purpose minimum-length is still the way to go.

This should be documented.

Worth a regtest and an entry in changes.

OK, will do.

Thanks for the review!

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