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ly2musicxml / possible sponsoring

From: Christoph Hagemann
Subject: ly2musicxml / possible sponsoring
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2017 10:24:06 +0100


I'm a music professional in Germany. A few years ago I set a large-
scale orchestral project in lilypond (score around 200 pages). Now the
publisher wants MusicXML data. I understand there was some work done on
an export function during last year's GSoC.

Is there any chance for completion? If it helps, I'm willing to put an
resonable amount of money into this and fund the completion of this

What I need is:

Export of musical information (single-staff, mostly single-voice):
- everything in-staff including tremolo, tuplets, abbreviations,
- dynamics, slurs, text scripts
- handling of nested file structures (includes)

What I do not need is:
- more complex polyphony
- layout export

Is there any hope for progress in this direction?

Thanks in advance,
Christoph Hagemann

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