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Re: Issue 3830: Document \offset command (issue 319150043 by address@hid

From: david . nalesnik
Subject: Re: Issue 3830: Document \offset command (issue 319150043 by address@hidden)
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 05:34:26 -0800
File Documentation/notation/changing-defaults.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/changing-defaults.itely:2522: [-]\offset
@var{property} @var{offsets} @var{item}
On 2017/01/23 23:52:54, thomasmorley651 wrote:
Would it be even more clear to have instead of @var{offsets} something
@var{offset-value} or @var{property-value}?
(Same below and in the docstring for the offset-command in

Please keep in mind I'm not a native speaker, so I may be wrong here.

"offsets" works, but I could change this to "displacements" -- you know,
sort of like not using a word in its own definition.  There would also
be no confusion between noun and verb senses, since "displacements" is
only a noun.

But maybe, since the docs are supposed to be clear to native and
non-native speakers, "offset-values" or "offset-amounts" would be best?

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