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Re: No more releases from master branch...

From: Étienne Beaulé
Subject: Re: No more releases from master branch...
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2017 18:46:05 -0300

2017-08-16 18:31 GMT-03:00 David Kastrup <address@hidden>:

> Étienne Beaulé <address@hidden> writes:
> > Maybe my next patch, when
> > it's released. It's a simple patch for a minor bug that was reported
> > in 2015.
> It newly uses non-ASCII markups.

In fact, the patch remarks that non-ASCII markup has been already in use
with the thin space (U+2009) for ranges. I only newly use unbreaking spaces

> > Perhaps more controversial, but I'd like to have dcb458c225 (-dcrop
> > option) in the 2.20 release for its integration in other
> > projects. There is an entry in changes.tely though.
> Too invasive for a last-minute inclusion.
I get that.

> There will likely be at least 2.20.1 at some point of time.  2.20 has
> been branched off recently.  Mostly eligible for inclusion into 2.20.0
> are regression and documentation fixes and the completion (or more
> likely reversal) of half-finished business.
> This is filtered through my personal judgment, of course.  Feel free to
> volunteer as release manager for 2.22 if you are unhappy about that.
Wow. The inclusions I have suggested were merely that; suggestions. It is a
bit harsh in my view to go straight to assuming I'm unhappy at the level
you are suggesting. :)


> --
> David Kastrup

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