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triggering translation from engraver

From: Jan-Peter Voigt
Subject: triggering translation from engraver
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2017 16:42:53 +0200
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Hi developers,

I have difficulties to find the right words for this question, but I'll try:

The edition-engraver comes into action, when it finds a mod (tweak/override) for the current spot in time, that is measure/barNumber and moment/measurePosition. These mods are applied in one of the engravers slots, that is either (most times) in the start-translation-timestep, acknowledger, listener or the process-music function. Now, if there is no stop/break in translation the function will not get called:
\editionMod target 1 1/8 Voice \override ...
will not get called if the music is something like
{ c'4 c' }
because after step 0/4 step 1/4 will get called, but not the 1/8 step.
(I hope you can follow)

There are two things I'd like to accomplish:
1. allow the edition-engraver to apply tweaks outside the regular "stops" of the music 2. add an offset to a mod and apply the tweak a given moment after the current time

To do that I would like to trigger/broadcast an event that forces the translator to stop again after a given moment has passed. The former example will work if I add some skips to the music:
<< { c'4 c' } { s8 s s s } >>

But in my tests broadcasting a skip-event didn't show the desired effect. Maybe I did something wrong or maybe this is the wrong way.

Do you have another idea how to do that?


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