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Re: Issue 5187 Add command for Thin Aiken noteheads (issue 326510043 by

From: karlinhigh
Subject: Re: Issue 5187 Add command for Thin Aiken noteheads (issue 326510043 by address@hidden)
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2017 16:38:35 -0700

On 2017/09/20 17:48:57, Carl wrote:
the documentation (Shape Note Heads, in NR 1.1.4 should also be

I am uncertain how to go ahead here. Especially with regards to
coordinating with Rietveld 330180043, Sourceforge 5186 that was adding
an Aiken Thin-Heads example snippet to the Notation Reference manual.
That appears committed on September 16, but I can't find it in 2.19 NR
manual online. (Effects of ongoing work towards 2.20 stable release,
perhaps?) I did a git pull and tried following the CG 5.7.1 test scripts
to build the "notation pitches" section locally. I can see the new
snippet in the downloaded source code and the locally-built document,
but something seems broken. I see the Predefined commands section
appearing as online, then Selected Snippets starts with what looks like
part of my bug report code...


<image for Aiken Thin-Heads snippet>

<code for snippet>

It's more normal after that, but the paragraph describing the
* snippet is not appearing. I will wait for further
comments from James Lowe the snippet author, or anyone else who can
explain the situation here. Is there a problem with the snippet, or am I
building and viewing it wrongly?

Then, any comments on how much documentation should be written? Would
adding \aikenThinHeads and \aikenThinHeadsMinor to the list of
"Predefined commands" be sufficient? Or should a snippet be included
with two systems of c-major-scale white-head notes, one for each Aiken

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