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Re: Issue 5187 Add command for Thin Aiken noteheads (issue 326510043 by

From: Carl . D . Sorensen
Subject: Re: Issue 5187 Add command for Thin Aiken noteheads (issue 326510043 by address@hidden)
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2017 07:28:24 -0700

On 2017/09/20 23:38:35, karlinhigh wrote:
> On 2017/09/20 17:48:57, Carl wrote:
> the documentation (Shape Note Heads, in NR 1.1.4 should also be

I am uncertain how to go ahead here.

Literally, just add one line of code to the example in Shape Note Heads,
in NR 1.1.4., that uses
either \aikenThinHeads or \aikenThinHeadsMinor (no need to include
both).  No change in the text
is necessary.

Then, any comments on how much documentation should be written? Would
\aikenThinHeads and \aikenThinHeadsMinor to the list of "Predefined
commands" be
sufficient? Or should a snippet be included with two systems of
white-head notes, one for each Aiken variant?

All we want is a single demonstration of the command, not an exhaustive
The documentation policy is to show, don't tell, and to remove as much
as possible.  We
assume the reader to be intelligent and able to extrapolate from given
examples.  The NR is,
by design, NOT a tutorial.

Literally, I think you should add two lines to the example -- one line
for the \aikenThinHeads,
and one line that is a duplicate of the scale shown for all of the other



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