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Re: Ghostscript/GhostPDL 9.22 Release Candidate 1

From: Ken Sharp
Subject: Re: Ghostscript/GhostPDL 9.22 Release Candidate 1
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 09:43:44 +0100

At 02:35 23/09/2017 +0900, Masamichi Hosoda wrote:

> Converting to TeX format would probably work, but apparently there
> were problems with that.
> Is there some other approach available ?

There is a method of using font non-embedded PDF.
In my experiment, it seems to work fine except TrueType fonts.

That was what I had tried. IMO its the fact that its an OpenType font, ie a TrueType font with CFF outlines, which is the problem rather than it being TrueType.

However, I haven't attempted to diagnose why that didn't work either.

Note that I didn't attempt this on 9.21, just the 9.22 release candidate. While the fonts are properly dropped from the individual PDF files, none of the text was visible in the final PDF file, when rebuilding with Emmentaler supplied as an external font in fontmap.GS.

Its interesting that the OTF worked for you because I would expect it to; OTF fonts with CFF outlines are handled simply be extracting the CFF, which is usable directly in PostSceript. TrueType fonts are not directly supported by PostScript and that's where the heuristics come back again, we have to guess at some aspects of the encodings.


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