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Re: Let repeatTie work inside of event-chord (issue 335910043 by address

From: dak
Subject: Re: Let repeatTie work inside of event-chord (issue 335910043 by address@hidden)
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2017 03:06:49 -0700

On 2017/10/24 08:34:13, thomasmorley651 wrote:
I tried to make both engravers as equal as I could, to make it easy
for a follow
up to create a common base class for both.
My own naive attempts to introduce something like 'semi-tie-event'

This looks really similar.  I worked off the current definition of
Laissez_vibrer_engraver and created a derived Repeat_tie_engraver in a
separate issue:

Tracker issue: 5220
Rietveld issue: 332990043 (
Issue description:
  Issue 5220/3: Derive Repeat_tie_engraver from
  Laissez_vibrer_engraver   Issue 5220/2: Virtualize some parts of
  Laissez_vibrer_engraver  This is in preparation of using it for
  Repeat_Tie_engraver  Issue 5220/1: Create laissez-vibrer-engraver.hh
  Still missing regtest/doc.

If you want to replace the lv_column_ and similar elements with
semi_tie_column_ for better generality/readability, make this a followup

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