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Re: Issue 3128: add Haydn-style turns to Feta (issue 340660043 by addres

From: nine . fierce . ballads
Subject: Re: Issue 3128: add Haydn-style turns to Feta (issue 340660043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2018 11:05:49 -0700

On 2018/04/08 17:43:36, simon.albrecht wrote:
I’m not sure what exactly the difference in performing is, but that’s
not for us to consider; it’s important for scholarly editing (of
mid-to-late 18th century music, especially Haydn) to have this symbol

Having two symbols available does not necessarily require having unique
commands for them.  For example, LilyPond supports different styles of
multi-measure rests, but they're all represented with R.  I'm trying to
understand whether these scripts are semantically distinct or just
stylistically distinct.

It sounds like you're saying we don't know if they are semantically
distinct, therefore we should implement commands as if they are.  I have
no objection to that; I just want to understand the intent and encourage
an implementation that suits it.


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