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Re: Non-quadratic form of whiteout

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: Non-quadratic form of whiteout
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2018 09:16:24 -0400

Hi Harm (et al.),

> Providing a pair or a pair-list will not work for 'outline ofcourse, I
> don't have a good thought how to deal with this style, though.

Why (conceptually) can’t a pair work in that case?

Given 'outline #'(5 . 0), I think we could reasonably interpret that as saying:
    1. at any point on the grob with vertical slope, the whiteout should extend 
5 units [horizontally] from the grob edge;
    2. at any point on the grob with horizontal slope, the whiteout should not 
extend at all [vertically] from the grob edge;
    3. at any other point on the grob, the whiteout should extend [horizontally 
and vertically] by an interpolated amount.

I’m not saying I know *how* to implement that… but the determining logic/math 
seems fairly easy to understand.

(Of course, until such time as the feature is implemented, a warning message 
would be nice.)


Kieren MacMillan, composer
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‣ email: address@hidden

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