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define-note-names.scm: Wrong German beh definition???

From: Torsten Hämmerle
Subject: define-note-names.scm: Wrong German beh definition???
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2018 04:06:48 -0700 (MST)

Hello all,

Working on a complete set of note names for all languages (including quarter
tones the new triple flat/sharp accidentals), I've stumbled over an
erroneous German note name definition of "beh".

In German (and most Scandinavian languages), B is called h, and there is the
exception of using "b" for B flat.
All the other alterations of h should not use the letter b:
h, heh, b (!), heseh, heses, heseseh, heseses.

In colloquial German, sometimes "bes" is used for "heses" (Bbb), because the
b (Bb) is being lowered by another half-tone, thus yielding a double-flat.
Following this logic, however, "beh" should lower a b (Bb) by another
quarter-tone step, but the 
*current definition of beh is SEMI-FLAT instead of THREE-Q-FLAT!*

I'm somehow reluctant to change definitions that have been around for a long
time, but "beh" is utterly wrong.

*Correct note-names* (the ones marked "new" will introduced as a by-product
of triple-flat/sharp issue #3356)


Should we keep the current definition of beh, even if it's wrong?
Should we change the current definition of beh to mean THREE-Q-FLAT?
Should we just dump it?

Not at all shure what to do here...

Thanks for any input,

PS: the German chord name function produces a sloppy "bes" when it really
should be a "heses":
\chords { \germanChords es1:dim/beses }

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