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Turkish makam using

From: Adam Good
Subject: Turkish makam using
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 21:24:36 -0400

Hi Hans,
I hope this email finds you well. Some questions for you if you have time plus 
I want to share my close to complete turkish makam file based on the file you 
sent me originally plus

here's the new makam include file:

the other file:
shows the key signatures plus tonic pitch for quite a number of different 
Turkish makams. 

Everything transposes like a charm! And I'm ecstatic about all of this.

However! I must be honest, I'm not a coder and math often escapes me so, pretty 
confused by why the koma definitions are fractions of, for a pitch of 4 
koma difference, why is it a fraction of 4/10 wow I have no idea.

Another question would be, what if I don't want to use 53ET to an octave. How 
about 24ET octave? How do I calculate the fractions I'd need for determining 

Does that question make sense?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Description: Binary data

Description: Binary data

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