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Re: Please test new lilypond installers

From: Henning Hraban Ramm
Subject: Re: Please test new lilypond installers
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2019 19:11:37 +0100

Am 2019-01-30 um 09:45 schrieb Knut Petersen <address@hidden>:

> Thanks for testing the installers. Below I try to summarize your results:

Thanks for your work!
(And to everyone involved, of course!)

>  lilypond-2.21.0-1.darwin-x86.tar.bz2 
> OK:
>       • Works on MacBook Air (mid 2012) with Intel Core i5 and macOS Mojave 
> 10.14.2 [Karlin High]
>       • iMac with High Sierra (installer worked ok but Michael reports a 
> problem with lilypond not finding the external lilyjazz font) [Michael Hendry]

Looks OK on Mac mini Server Core i7 (2013) and OSX 10.9.5: works. Long 
first-run delay, to be expected. Chokes on my old code, didn’t check further.

Greetlings, Hraban
fiëé visuëlle
Henning Hraban Ramm

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