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Re: GUB with local git-repo?

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: GUB with local git-repo?
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2019 10:34:37 +0200

Hi Knut,

Am Fr., 14. Juni 2019 um 00:32 Uhr schrieb Knut Petersen
> Hi Harm!
> Is it possible to point GUB to a private branch of my local git-repository?
> It definitely is possible. Use git as a daemon on localhost.
> If yes, how would the command been spelled?
> Assumptions:
> gub is installed in ~/gub
> there isn't a directory ~/srv
> the git executable is /usr/bin/git
> there is a local lilypond repository ~/lily with a branch tmptest
> your system should be protected by a firewall that blocks git protocol access.
> If you want to use gub to build your local branch tmptest, run something like:
> cd ~
> mkdir srv

AFAIU, above creates srv-folder, but _outside_ of gub

> ln -s ../lily srv/lilypond.git

But below relies on having srv _inside_ of gub.
I can't imagine how this is supposed to work.
Probably I misunderstood some of your assumptions above ... ?

> /usr/bin/git daemon --export-all --reuseaddr --base-path=/home/gub/srv/ 
> /home/gub/srv &
> cd gub
> make LILYPOND_REPO_URL=git://localhost/lilypond.git LILYPOND_BRANCH=tmptest 
> lilypond

Anyway, I created srv inside gub, adjusted pathes/names, i.e.:

cd gub
mkdir srv
ln -s ../../lily srv/lilypond.git
/usr/bin/git daemon --export-all --reuseaddr
--base-path=/home/harm/gub/srv/ /home/harm/gub/srv &
make LILYPOND_REPO_URL=git://localhost/lilypond.git
LILYPOND_BRANCH=dev/gub-test lilypond

Success !!
(For now I used a 32-bit debian-8 in a VB.)

> You might want to kill the git daemon after building lilypond. Or you might 
> want systemd to start the git daemon whenever the machine boots.
I don't know how to do any of above, could you give me some hints?

> Adapt to your needs.
> Knut

Thanks a lot,

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