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Re: GUB with local git-repo?

From: Knut Petersen
Subject: Re: GUB with local git-repo?
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2019 08:24:31 +0200
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On 21.06.19 00:06, Thomas Morley wrote:
Am Do., 20. Juni 2019 um 13:12 Uhr schrieb Thomas Morley

Does it not work for subsequent builds of the same branch?
I think I've found a workaround.

Following CG, I'm already used to do some prepatory work while doing
subsequent gub-builds, i.e.:
rm -fr gub/uploads
rm -rf gub/target/*/*/*lilypond*
Yes. Gub might fail for subsequent builds, especially
if you do some unexpected things with git repositories.
A rebase is one of those things. it even might be necessary
to delete the file


Attached find the bash script gubllt. It might be useful if you want to test
a new commit.

gubllt needs exactly four arguements:

   gubllt gub_directory lilypond_repository_directory testbase testobject

gub_directory is the directory of the gub installation to use.
lilypond_repository_directory is the directory of the lilypond repository to 
testbase is the branch name or sha1 of the base version that shall be used as a 
testobject is the branch name or sha1 of the lilypond version to test.


   gubllt ~/gub ~/lily master testbranch

   gubllt ~/gub ~/lily master 4547102034c4862ec50ae22b477970f192ebb56a

   gubllt ~/gub ~/lily 0e1eeb7838eec112 4547102034c4862e

gubllt first builds a regression test archive for the lilypond version 

After that a full gub build of lilypond version 'testobject' is executed.
You will find the result of the regression test in uploads/webtest/

gubllt allows to use relative paths for parameters 1 and 2.
gubllt gracefully handles SIGKILL / SIGTERM.

Attention: gubllt removes all old files in regtest/ and upload/, it also removes
and target/*/*/*lilypond*

@James: I put you into cc as I thought you might be interested in the script.


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