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Re: Frescobaldi on MacOS 10.15 with MacPorts

From: Davide Liessi
Subject: Re: Frescobaldi on MacOS 10.15 with MacPorts
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2019 01:24:41 +0200

Il giorno sab 19 ott 2019 alle ore 20:31 Hans Åberg
<address@hidden> ha scritto:
> Instead I experienced further corruption, and decided to reinstall the whole 
> of MacPorts from scratch. I do not want to try it again.

10.15 is new, so it is expected that problems are being discovered in
these first weeks.
That said, the errors you had for librsvg and py37-poppler-qt5 (which
are now solved) cannot have corrupted your whole installation, so I am
inclined to believe there was some other (unrelated) problem with your
MacPorts installation.

I understand that you don't want to risk wasting more time, especially
now that a 10.15 builder is not available yet (so MacPorts needs to
compile everything on your machine).
Once the builder is in place, it will build all ports, which means
that most problems will be spotted and that most dependencies of
frescobaldi-devel will be available as prebuilt binary packages.
If at that (or any previous or later) point you want to try again,
feel free to contact me (on or off list) and let me know of any

Best wishes.

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