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An issue in musicxml2ly's LilyPond code generation

From: Jacques Menu
Subject: An issue in musicxml2ly's LilyPond code generation
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2019 07:17:11 +0100

Hello folks,

 you’ll find a MusicXML version of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony:

menu@macbookprojm: ~/libmusicxml-git/files/samples/musicxml > ll 
165888 -rw-r--r--@ 1 menu  staff  69542182 Oct 20 18:08:27 2019 
  7240 -rw-r--r--  1 menu  staff   3704645 Nov 16 00:42:13 2019 
 32776 -rw-r--r--  1 menu  staff  15775302 Nov 16 00:05:06 2019 
challenging/ is the result of translating 
BeethovenNinthSymphony.xml with musicxml2ly, as of 2.19.83.

It starts with:

\version "2.19.83"
% automatically converted by musicxml2ly from 

%% additional definitions required by the score:
p espress = #(make-dynamic-script "p espress")
pi<C3><B9> f = #(make-dynamic-script "pi<C3><B9> f")
sempre pi<C3><B9> p = #(make-dynamic-script "sempre pi<C3><B9> p")
sempre  = #(make-dynamic-script "sempre ")
p dolce = #(make-dynamic-script "p dolce")
un poco meno p = #(make-dynamic-script "un poco meno p")
sempre pp = #(make-dynamic-script "sempre pp")
espress. = #(make-dynamic-script "espress.")
sempre f = #(make-dynamic-script "sempre f")
sempre ff = #(make-dynamic-script "sempre ff")
p dolce  = #(make-dynamic-script "p dolce ")
sempre p = #(make-dynamic-script "sempre p")
mezza voce = #(make-dynamic-script "mezza voce")
pi<C3><B9> p = #(make-dynamic-script "pi<C3><B9> p")
sempre pi<C3><B9> f = #(make-dynamic-script "sempre pi<C3><B9> f")
pp sotto voce = #(make-dynamic-script "pp sotto voce")
sotto voce = #(make-dynamic-script "sotto voce")
poco f = #(make-dynamic-script "poco f")
p espress. = #(make-dynamic-script "p espress.")
… … … … … 

in which the macro names such as 'p espress’ contain spaces.


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