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A snippet for editing curves using the mouse and reporting changes to th

From: Paolo Prete
Subject: A snippet for editing curves using the mouse and reporting changes to the .ly file
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2019 03:42:01 +0100


the snippet attached to this mail allows the tuning with the mouse of the
curves generated by Lilypond so that the changes can be reflected on the
original .ly file.
The tuning is done on the generated SVG file, as explained in this thread
(but you can look at the code of the attached file, there's a mini how-to
and it's very simple to use):

Since the snippet is incompatible with Lilypond 2.18 it cannot be included
in the snippets repository of that version, as explained by Thomas (it
would be bad to downgrade the code).
Is it possible to include it in the development version, then?

(I also ask Aaron to revise the indentation / length of lines of the Scheme
The snippet has had very positive feedbacks, and should not be left without
a future, IMHO. I believe it can define a template for the tuning of many
other properties of graphic objects, in a very simple way both for the
Lilypond user and for those who want to extend the procedure through

In the Lilypond user ml they suggested to include it in Frescobaldi or
Denemo; but I don't think it's the best solution. Because, being the
snippet 100% lilypond native code, it does not need any additional tool to
work, and demonstrates the potential of Lilypond in generating interactive
SVG. To be more precise, given that it is 100% Lilypond, Frescobaldi and
Denemo should recognize it automatically.
It is also true, as Carl states, that LilyPond is not intended to be a
WYSIWYG software; but I believe that the "tuning" through GUI is not
opposed to this vision but integrates it, especially considering that the
GUI is generated by Lilypond itself.


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