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Re: What is holding up 2.20 release?

From: Jonas Hahnfeld
Subject: Re: What is holding up 2.20 release?
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2019 19:58:22 +0100
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Am Samstag, den 16.11.2019, 21:52 +0100 schrieb David Kastrup:
> Carl Sorensen <
> address@hidden
> > writes:
> > Dear Team,
> > 
> > It seems to me like we are pretty much in shape such that we should
> > release 2.20.  I'd be fine if we called 2.19.83-1 the 2.20 release,
> > even if there are some critical regressions.  2.19.83 is SO much
> > better than 2.18.2.
> > 
> > IIUC, the only thing 2.20 is waiting on is for David K. to cherry-pick
> > some patches.  Is that correct?
> And putting out a new prerelease to be sure that those are ok, and
> waiting for the translators to catch up with cherry-picked patches
> containing stuff to be translated.
> But the current roadblock is David K. cherry-picking some patches.  Here
> is a remaining list (not completely up to date with current master,
> though not missing much) to check for possible inclusion (assuming I
> have not overlooked something important pickable in the sequence
> before).  If you see something important here (or something not in
> current master), put in a word for it.

And here's the second half and my thoughts about the commits:

> 0e1eeb7838 aclocal.m4: Whitespace and formatting.

"No functional change.", not needed to avoid conflicts with the rest of
the commits listed below

> bc4f5fdc29 Add glib-2.0 and gobject-2.0 library dependency

already in stable/2.20, 24e873dcec

> 4cc884ee09 ly: - minor edit to sultaniyegah

not relevant unless we pick db818c1220, see first half.

> 189cfb95ea Doc: NR 2.9 Ancient Notation - add verbatim to @lilypond example 
> for custodes
> 00b4c4c757 Doc: NR - expressive.itely - accidentals for naturals using 
> pitched trills

would pick both

> 03f4723afc Issue 5520/1: Improvements to \ambitusAfter
> 2b52bc2bf1 Issue 5520/2: add \ambitusAfter to Changes

not advisable to pick (as Malte noted, this is a new feature not
present in stable/2.20)

> 17d3d3a151 Issue 4362/1: head completion uses dotted breves
> 49f41bf1c6 Issue 4362/2: add regtest

I'm also for picking both (as proposed by Malte), but need to adapt the
version statement in the test.

> 47f74e11cf Doc: Use new syntax throughout all doc and examples

would pick

> 1d4717d0db NR: 2.10 Arabic Music - inlcude references to

"" doesn't exist in stable/2.20

> 7ecc24c5e8 Issue #5524 New function css-color (accompanying x11-color)

pretty large, would not pick

> 53739c0ae6 Issue 5303 - Misplaced Notehead

would pick, but need to adapt the version statement in the test

> 3300acdd8d Issue 5532/1: \ottava doesn’t confuse ambitus
> 04a0052411 Issue 5532/2: add regtest

I think this is a fix for
a1bde20430 Issue 2575/1: Ambitus respects staffLineLayoutFunction
not yet in stable/2.20?

> c5f63d33bf Add tex/txi-pt.tex

would pick

> 77b816a48f Issue 5535: Build logging: Improve METAFONT tracing

not sure if we want this, it's about logging during the build process

> 7583351fbf Optimize tree.gittxt messages

reverted below

> ebc35cb7b6 web:development: Make Release Numbers more current

would pick

> 34a114b835 Revert "Optimize tree.gittxt messages"

revert of above commit

> b62d62e402 Optimize tree.gittxt messages (v 2)

I think this is still incorrect (also in master) because the remote
might not be called origin.

> 39c9d91c46 Fix bug

would pick

> a77f387207 Fix / Python 2.4.5 incompatibility

I think it would be good to take this, but it requires
78225bc1b3 Chord names clean-up; no more Banter, exceptionsPartial or 
because the \powerChords chordkind has a format in the middle (see
changes in ChordNameEvent).

> 3f0b5c61a7 Issue 5541: treat CENTER in Side_position_interface::aligned_side

would pick

> 42c45c5dfc Web: update old links to Ben Lemon tutorials

would pick and drop the conflict in Documentation/ja/web/manuals.itexi

> cf600cc6f8 mf/README: Describe creation of Emmentaler fonts.

would pick

> 6b789abd46 ly: hel-arabic - comment out Sahnaz entry

"" doesn't exist in stable/2.20

> 2165edafc5 Issue 5551/1: better indexing support
> 1eed54e8ff Issue 5551/2: improve generated documentation
> 714792a1eb Issue 5552/1: HOWTO.index: new guide for creating index entries
> b2799c1823 Issue 5552/2: NR: complete revision of all index entries

would like to pick all, but the last one has many conflicts (10+ files)

> 227fac3a04 We now need texinfo 6.1 or newer.

not sure if that is true without the commits above

> e926c294e3 Issue 5553: fix handling of @lilypond[verbatim]
> 89036755a7 Replace by SourceForge

would pick both

> 805e6ef94c Completely revised.
> be39d353b7 Rename `Stockhausen_Klavierstueck2' to 
> `stockhausen-klavierstueckII'.
> a6f8381ea4 stockhausen-klavierstueckII: Completely rewritten.

would pick these commits

> 1d3105fce4 run-and-check: Show output directory in case of error.

would pick

> 0457814df4 string-tunings-init: Fix typo in Banjo tuning.

would pick

> 4402d6c545 Issue 5555/1: reorder checks in add_post_events for efficiency
> eed07c3e54 Issue 5555/2: add_post_events: check for time-scaled-music 
> explicitly
> ab3b23941f Issue 5555/3: TimeScaledMusic should not be music-wrapper-music

would pick all three

> c2b424f9f8 Remove old
> 71c4990e47 run-and-check: Display correct log file directory.

would pick both

> 9bef63308f Issue 5557: Remove spurious '% begin verbatim' in 
> Documentation/snippets/new

would pick and delete conflicts on files that do not exist in

> 1d255547ba Run scripts/auxiliar/

as before: not sure if this should be picked or just generated by
running the script on the branch...

> 3064ac9d3d Issue 5558/1: NR: add many index entries for snippets
> 7930d8777e Issue 5558/2: NR: various minor corrections

probably needs commit 2165edafc5 for the first, and the second one
gives conflicts without its parent

> 09bc2e2ed7 Issue 5560: remove

should not be picked because it builds upon previous commits (for
example \henzeshortfermata)

> 2c2908c905 Issue 5563: make edges of brackets dashable

looks like a new feature?

> 7e6a956625 Issue 5561/5562: slurs work without NoteHead stencil

would pick, mentions to fix a crash

> 476194c706 Issue 5559/1: Add user-definable ottava markups
> 608aa55988 Issue 5559/2: add regtest
> 6f319a862d Issue 5556/3: make OttavaBracket text default bold
> 2f1649830b Issue 5559/4: fix regression (ambitus with ottava)

I think this is a new feature, would not pick

> d9555cda14 Issue 5565: simplify python-related makefiles

I for one would avoid to pick any Python changes into stable/2.20: It
won't be ready for Python 3 anyhow, and why break things?

> c95d96aa71 Typo.

fix for commit 476194c706 above

> 058c7347c1 Improved and updated.

would pick

> 5674d4570d NR: add snippet to describe `NoteCollision.prefer-dotted-right'

probably builds upon commit 2165edafc5, see above

> b7532cf6e6 Issue 5568: make build output terse by default

would not pick such a large change late in the release cycle

> cd11e1d06e Update python headers to match surrounding files

looks worth it

> fa6c70e39a Issue 5567: allow slurs instead of brackets with tuplets

looks like a new feature?

> a6a6f019a9 Fix header variables from musicxml2ly on Windows

would pick, as I noted in the message this fixes a regression from 2.18

> 2d45d5247e Drop requirement for python-devel

would be in favor of picking, see also thread by James

> 75b16466ef Issue 5564: fix conversion warnings in beaming code
> 8ba40d3d69 Issue 5571: streamline cat | sed | sed
> 0c0a07a6d7 Issue #5574: fix compiler warnings
> 0d7744aad0 Issue 5572/1: Compile modified C++ files automatically before 
> testing
> 73aaa6d299 Issue 5572/2: Contributor's Guide updates
> 306fc6b509 Issue 5576: make output-distance less verbose by default

not sure we should pick any of this for stable/2.20, rather not

> ad3effb756 Check additional names for guile-config

would be good to have

> dbe42f9940 Issue 5583: don't mirror regtest baseline

would pick

> 014ec06a9f python: replace <> with !=

as I said above, would not pick Python related changes

> 911788f173 Issue 5578: add a button to flip between old and new regtest images

not needed for stable/2.20 IMO

> 2823ff0e87 Issue 5579: fix stem tremolo on rests crash

would pick

> 3903d2efc7 Issue 5577: scripts/build: Remove unused scripts

would pick, but not strictly needed

I would also propose to pick the following, more recent commits:
d1f8d3993c Issue 5581 Fix underline-markup to make multiple calls have nice 
1c89f430f1 Issue 5585: doc: Update section on "commit access"
50ce3cc13a Issue 5587/2: initialize members of Constrained_breaking
86de0f8f38 Use a stable sort when ordering MIDI items
152a281031 Issue 5217: Fix sorting order without outside-staff-priority
a4d40c6e22 aclocal.m4: Add `guile18' and `guile18-config' as used in MacPorts.
26b9b8e42a Issue 5600: Fix hidden member templates in derived classes
658a69f548 Issue 5606: allow use of `libguile18.h` instead of `libguile.h`

And with less priority:
34bf62e418 Issue 5599: Purge remnants of SCons
0b62028523 Issue 5608/1: Fix warning flag detection for Clang
9926ad3e43 Issue 5608/2: Fix struct vs. class template for PQueue
a507bb04d4 Assure U+XXXX (and U+XXXXX) notation in warning 

> > I'd really like to see us get something out as 2.20 by the first of
> > the year.  What can I do to help?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > 
> > Carl
> > 
> > 

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