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Re: Status of Guile 2.0 Support (Next Debian release won't ship guile-1.

From: Erlend Aasland
Subject: Re: Status of Guile 2.0 Support (Next Debian release won't ship guile-1.8)
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2020 12:06:49 +0000

Hey, guys! What’s the status of Guile support in LilyPond? Is there still a 
transition from Guile 1.8 to 2.0 happening, or has 2.0 been ditched in favour 
of 2.2? I did a quick search in the 
and there seem to be people who use Guile 2.x with LP.

Erlend E. Aasland

Don Armstrong <address@hidden> writes:

> What is the current status of #1055[1] (support for Guile 2.0 in
> lilypond)?

I'm currently working on it.  There is a branch dev/guilev2 with the
current work.  Current objective is to make it through the test suite.
Several crashes so far look like the memory management is borked.

> Debian is going to be dropping guile-1.8 completely, so in order for
> lilypond to be in the next Debian release (and rosegarden, and a few
> other things), I need to have it support guile 2.0 at least a month
> before freeze, which will likely happen in February at the latest.

"Support guile 2.0" by 2015: not sure.  Support it in a manner that
would be preferable to an installation using 1.8: rather dubious.

Be released as stable version 2.20: unlikely.  At best, we'll have a
2.20 branch only open to bug fixes and Guile 2.0 necessitated changes.

But it seems feasible to get Guile 2.0 itself into the state needed to
support LilyPond by the time of the freeze.  Or get convincing
admissions that it isn't there yet, possibly bargaining for a last-time
inclusion of 1.8.

David Kastrup

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