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Re: [translations] Changes section in stable

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: [translations] Changes section in stable
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2020 21:04:00 +0100
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Francisco Vila <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello, regarding to changes section in Stable, now online:
> English looks perfect, obviously.
> Links in CatalĂ  give 404
> cs, de, fr, hu, zh, nl, and ja links lead to English version
> Spanish Split gives 404, Bigpage leads to an empty (titled) page and
> PDF link leads to a empty (titled) PDF. Sources are translated.
> Italiano looks perfect. As in English, Split and Bigpage look the same
> because there is no sectioning in the original.
> I'll investigate this now.

I think that the diagnostics produced at the end of make doc by issue
<> would help a
_whole_ lot with that investigation.

At least as long as you take care to keep the size calculation macros
@docSize in sync with the documentation cross references via @docLinks
et al.

In the translations, the links need to get redirected to
language-specific versions.  Depending on the language, Partly this
happens by changing the macros creating the documentation links (I think
that should likely be the most sensible way), partly it happens by
changing the _invocations_ of those macros, and partly it happens half
by accident, namely the link being formally for an English version and
the translator not noticing it because their browser preferences and the
settings of the Apache web server combine to deliver a nationalised
version instead.

If you change the invocations of the macros, the size calculations of
issue 5822 will work out of the box, but I doubt that is the best way.

I was leary about having issue 5822 go into master, but I think we are
not likely doing ourselves a favor by not doing so: it corrects some
problems and fingerpoints a number of other problems pretty well.  What
problems with doing the actual website may remain, is hard to diagnose
without seeing the actual website.  But the worst damage that can happen
to the web site is that the out-of-date size specs disappear temporarily
for links that are currently dead, or at least only visible due to
browser language settings.

David Kastrup

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