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Re: Add a script for running timing benchmarks (issue 545950043 by addre

From: hanwenn
Subject: Re: Add a script for running timing benchmarks (issue 545950043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2020 23:56:23 -0700

On 2020/04/25 22:05:26, dak wrote:
> On 2020/04/25 17:07:17, hahnjo wrote:
> > I strongly object to adding more random scripts to the source tree.
There are
> > already far too many unmaintained in scripts/auxiliar/ with no
> at
> > all.
> How about approaching this in a different manner then?  Adding
instructions to
> the CG about how to benchmark LilyPond's behavior in a sensible
manner?  And if
> the instructions end up bothersome to follow, back them up with
scripts doing
> the bulk of the work?
> While I agree that adding more "use-me-if-you-manage-to-find-me"
material is not
> overly helpful, the basic idea for providing tools for a common task
> certainly not wrong.  And there are contributors that are more
comfortable on
> starting their work with tasks where the main channel of feedback is
at first
> provided by computers, meaning that they don't get the feeling they
are taxing
> anybody's patience with getting feedback on their first steps.

I can host this script somewhere else so it can be referenced in the CG,

but I don't think there optimizing our C++ code  is a domain for

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