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Re: Stale branches in the canonical repository

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Stale branches in the canonical repository
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2021 20:23:37 +0000
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Rune's branch is left around as a tribute, I believe.  Back in the day (2.10 or 
so?) he completed a lot of significant work on Lilypond, then died by suicide.

I believe that at this time, it would be appropriate to remove Rune' branch.  
But I am only one person.



´╗┐On 1/10/21, 4:32 AM, "lilypond-devel on behalf of Jonas Hahnfeld" 
< on behalf of> wrote:

    Hi all,
    there are currently 38 branches (out of 72 in total) in the canonical
    repository that have a committed date older than 90 days, excluding the
    stable/* branches. I suppose many of these were temporary, abandoned in
    the mean time or simply don't apply anymore. IMHO this might become
    problematic over time as we accumulate branches because important ones
    will be harder to find.
    For that reason, I'd like to ask everyone to go through the list below
    and delete your branches that you don't need anymore, from both GitLab
    and Savannah (or let me know and I can do it). Also please remember to
    delete branches of closed merge requests to avoid this problem in the
    future. Or open MRs from your private fork in which case I don't care
    how many branches you have ­čśë (I use this all the time and there's no
    disadvantage, you even benefit from the fast CI if you're a Developer
    in the project.)
    I'm aware that some persons listed below are probably not following
    this list anymore. I might ping those individuals with a large quantity
    of branches. We might need a policy for dealing with branches where the
    owner doesn't respond, but let's save this discussion for later.
    Branch dev/lamb/smufl, last commit:
        Remove satisfied TODO
        by Owen Lamb at 2020-09-29, committed at 2020-09-29
    Branch dev/hanwen/qualify-includes, last commit:
        doc: fully qualify generated includes
        by Han-Wen Nienhuys at 2020-09-14, committed at 2020-09-14
    Branch dev/hanwen/auto-pep8, last commit:
        RFC: Automate testing of python formatting
        by Han-Wen Nienhuys at 2020-09-04, committed at 2020-09-04
    Branch dev/wl/lilypond-book-fixes, last commit:
        lilypond-book: Fix and improve regular expressions to parse input
        by Werner Lemberg at 2020-09-02, committed at 2020-09-02
    Branch dev/lamb/GSoC-2020-final, last commit:
        Document GSoC 2020 changes
        by Owen Lamb at 2020-08-31, committed at 2020-08-31
    Branch dev/hanwen/set-parent-spanner, last commit:
        Emit programming error if items from take spanners as X_AXIS parents.
        by Han-Wen Nienhuys at 2020-06-07, committed at 2020-08-23
    Branch dev/lamb/GSoC-2020, last commit:
        Bring subfonts back for now
        by Owen Lamb at 2020-08-20, committed at 2020-08-20
    Branch dev/hanwen/regtest-make-targets, last commit:
        Cover "make dist" and "make install" with regtest
        by Han-Wen Nienhuys at 2020-08-09, committed at 2020-08-09
    Branch dev/guile-v2-work, last commit:
        XXX reset the locale when building index.html
        by Antonio Ospite at 2016-11-22, committed at 2020-02-10
    Branch dev/knupero/lilypy3devel, last commit:
        midi2ly: python 3 changed the semantics of the division operator '/'
        by Knut Petersen at 2019-08-12, committed at 2019-08-12
    Branch dev/jmandereau/stable-2.20-201902, last commit:
        Add Texinfo/TeX portuguese translation
        by John Mandereau at 2019-02-03, committed at 2019-02-03
    Branch dev/urs/beaming-pattern, last commit:
        Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 
        by Urs Liska at 2017-09-13, committed at 2017-09-13
    Branch dev/rlittle, last commit:
        First working framework for braille music outputter. No braille output
        by Ralph Little at 2016-08-18, committed at 2016-08-18
    Branch dev/janneke/wip-guile2, last commit:
        aclocal.m4: look for $host-windres.  Fixes GuixSD cross build.
        by Jan Nieuwenhuizen at 2016-05-01, committed at 2016-05-12
    Branch dev/dak/translator-ctors, last commit:
        Create Translator_creator class
        by David Kastrup at 2015-06-16, committed at 2016-04-20
    Branch dev/guilev21, last commit:
        Source_file::init_port: Keep GUILEv2 from redecoding string input
        by David Kastrup at 2014-09-21, committed at 2016-01-10
    Branch dev/urs/font-exists, last commit:
        try rewriting C++ function (haha)
        by Urs Liska at 2015-04-28, committed at 2015-04-29
    Branch dev/urs/font-selection, last commit:
        add-music-fonts: Fix small bug with font name
        by Urs Liska at 2015-04-25, committed at 2015-04-27
    Branch dev/urs/font-handling, last commit:
        \useNotationFont (continued, first working version)
        by Urs Liska at 2015-04-21, committed at 2015-04-21
    Branch dev/janek/feta-modification, last commit:
        Merge branch 'master' into dev/janek/feta-modification
        by Janek Warchoł at 2014-05-10, committed at 2014-05-10
    Branch dev/janek/cg-cleanup, last commit:
        CG: make 'push access' and 'pushing to staging' sections
        by Janek Warchoł at 2013-12-10, committed at 2013-12-31
    Branch dev/benko/metafont-cleanup, last commit:
        unify formatting and indentation
        by Janek Warchoł at 2013-12-06, committed at 2013-12-14
    Branch dev/janek/accidentals-short, last commit:
        change accidental markup commands to place accidentals smartly (use 
hort variants)
        by Janek Warchoł at 2013-12-02, committed at 2013-12-07
    Branch dev/frax/colorful-make, last commit:
        by Franciszek Boehlke at 2013-09-11, committed at 2013-09-11
    Branch dev/janek/experimental-fix-for-issue-2462, last commit:
        fix 2462
        by Janek Warchoł at 2012-08-14, committed at 2013-09-04
    Branch dev/tie-crusade/comments, last commit:
        more comments
        by Janek Warchoł at 2013-08-03, committed at 2013-08-03
    Branch dev/upc-test-2, last commit:
        by David Kastrup at 2013-07-17, committed at 2013-07-17
    Branch dev/upc-test, last commit:
        These are all the modifications save those to define-grobs.scm.
        by Mike Solomon at 2013-07-16, committed at 2013-07-16
    Branch dev/jneem-skylines, last commit:
        WIP further cleanups.
        by Joe Neeman at 2012-09-20, committed at 2012-09-20
    Branch dev/john-autogen-gub-fix, last commit:
        Allow unset vars in autoconf/configure from smart* scripts
        by John Mandereau at 2012-08-26, committed at 2012-08-26
    Branch dev/jmandereau/merge-make-and-stepmake, last commit:
        Fix Issue 2366 "THANKS needs updating or deleting"
        by John Mandereau at 2012-08-12, committed at 2012-08-12
    Branch dev/skylines-cached, last commit:
        Simplify Skyline::deholify.
        by Joe Neeman at 2012-07-15, committed at 2012-07-15
    Branch dev/one-line-page-breaking, last commit:
        Cleanups in one-line-page-breaking.
        by Joe Neeman at 2012-05-28, committed at 2012-05-28
    Branch dev/jneem, last commit:
        Initial (very basic) support for area-based spacing.
        by Joe Neeman at 2012-03-31, committed at 2012-03-31
    Branch archive/macos-lilypad, last commit:
        fix app creation on Mac OS X 10.7
        by Christian Hitz at 2011-07-31, committed at 2011-08-02
    Branch archive/web, last commit:
        Fix link to build instructions.
        by Patrick McCarty at 2010-07-12, committed at 2010-07-12
    Branch archive/web-gop, last commit:
        Add working Chris Cannam interview url.
        by Jan Nieuwenhuizen at 2010-01-02, committed at 2010-01-02
    Branch dev/rune, last commit:
        accidentals news entry
        by Rune Zedeler at 2008-07-02, committed at 2008-07-02

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