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Re: Cross compile Python for Windows?

From: Jonas Hahnfeld
Subject: Re: Cross compile Python for Windows?
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2021 21:01:39 +0100
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Hey Russell,

Am Donnerstag, dem 21.01.2021 um 22:51 -0800 schrieb Russell Haley:
> Hi there!
> TLDR: I am wandering around the world looking for mingw patches for
> python?
> I am working with the llvm-mingw compiler toolchain project
> (  and we are trying to get
> the lldb.exe/lldb-mi.exe debugger working with various IDEs on
> Windows. We are in desperate need of libpython with the extensions
> built in ( ). The
> llvm-mingw package is cross compiled in a *nix environment (Linux and
> FreeBSD mostly). What we have found is trying to cross compile Python
> with mingw is a bit of a minefield.

ack, see below

> In my pursuit, I was checking the Python issue tracker when I came
> across a very old but very helpful offer of mingw patches:
> I was wondering if those patches exist for a current implementation
> of python 3? Anything you could offer or suggest would be helpful? 
> I’ll pull down your source files on the weekend, but I thought I
> would ask on the mailing list. 

I'm not aware of patches existing for a currently supported version of
Python 3. I attempted to cross-compile Python in GUB, the current tool
to produce binary releases for LilyPond, last year but eventually gave
up because the build system is actively working against that (both
configure and the Makefiles). Instead we're using the embeddable zip
from the Python developers that is probably built using MSVC.
In case you're interested, I had pushed my WIP here:
If you succeed in cross-compiling Python 3 for mingw, please let me /
us know, that could be interesting for the future.


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