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Re: Crash when music of score starts with \pageBreak

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Crash when music of score starts with \pageBreak
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2021 17:16:45 +0200
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Le 11/09/2021 à 16:43, Richard Shann a écrit :
I came across a situation where LilyPond crashes caused by a badly
placed \pageBreak. I've chopped most of the music out of the example
but when I tried to remove more the crash stopped.
The error message ends:

Finding the ideal number of pages...
Fitting music on 1 page...lilypond: 
 void Page_breaking::line_divisions_rec(vsize, const Line_division&, const 
Line_division&, Page_breaking::Line_division*): Assertion `my_index == 0' failed.
Exited with return code 6.


\version "2.22.1"
MI = {
   r8 e'' g''8. f''16 e''8 d''16 c'' b'4-\trill

MII = { \time 2/4
          e''8( f'') g''( f'') |
          e''( d'') c''-\trill( b'8) |
          c''( d'') e''( f'') |
          e''4-\trill d''4 |
          e''8 c'' g'' e'' |
          a'' c''' b'' g'' |
          a''4 fis''-\trill |
          g''2 |
          e''8( f'') g''( f'') |
          e''( d'') c''( b') |
          c''( d'') e''( f'') |
          e''4-\trill d''4 |
          e''8( c'') g''( e'') |
          a''( b'') c'''( c'') |
          d''4 b'-\trill |
          c''2  \break \bar ":..:" e''8( f'') g''( a'') |
          g''4 c'''8( b'') |
          c'''( g'') a''( f'') |
          e''4-\trill d''4 |
          e''8( d'') c''( b') |
          c''( d'') e''( d'') |
          d''4( c''8-\trill) b'8 |
          a'2-\trill |
          b'8( c'') d''( e'') |
          d''( e'') fis''( g'') |
          b'4 a'-\trill |
          g'2 |
          d''8( e'') c''( e'') |
          e''( f'') d''( f'')

\score {\MI}

\score {\MII}


I think this bug will not be in some earlier version of LilyPond as the
file is an old one that at one time compiled ok.


Thanks for the report. Reduced and added to the tracker at


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