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Re: Issue difficulty tags (was: Manipulating instrument names and staff

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Issue difficulty tags (was: Manipulating instrument names and staff group names)
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2021 20:55:42 +0100
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Le 07/11/2021 à 20:45, Kieren MacMillan a écrit :
Hi Jean,

The problem for both of these is that often,
investigating what the bug is and how it
might be fixed is the main part of the work.
So if you have a good idea of what language
is required and how hard it is, you're
close enough to a fix that it's worth it
to actually prepare the fix.
On the other hand, for someone like me, with [relatively] limited knowledge of 
either the languages involved *or* the current codebase, perhaps just 
investigating the bug to the point of tag-ability might help me climb those 
learning curves…?

Well, it can take hours to investigate a
bug even to that point. For an experienced
developer. In that case, don't give yourself
the goal of doing this on many issues: take
a few and dig into them.

I don't think we can do much better than tagging easy issues.
Well, that basically solves my main problem, so can we start there?

I believe this is most reasonable.

The obvious alternative to all of this is for me to have an assigned “mentor”
Would that motivate you?
Not really… I was just offering another mechanism that might help ensure that 
my contributions ultimately match my intention and enthusiasm.  ;)

I started with what I was interested in/competent enough with.
Well, I’m happy to do that, too… but fair warning: that’s likely to lead to a 
lot more “syntactic sugar” patches rather than bug fixes.

ask about what you have in mind,
Obvious “low-hanging fruit” [at least from the perspective of motivation]: I 
want — nay, need! — the part combiner to Do The Right Thing™: effectively 
unlimited voice inputs, no problem with quotes and lyrics, etc. etc. etc.

and any sort of mentor can tell you
if it sounds feasible for a beginner.
Well?  ;)

Huh, the part combiner is not exactly a simple beast.
Sorry not to give the hoped answer.

I mean, ok, that's my prejudice. It's easy to know
for sure: take scm/part-combiner.scm, read it, and
see where that gets you.


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