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Re: Problems with mingw build

From: Michael Käppler
Subject: Re: Problems with mingw build
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2021 09:48:27 +0100
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Am 16.12.2021 um 08:43 schrieb Jonas Hahnfeld:
Am Mittwoch, dem 15.12.2021 um 23:17 +0100 schrieb Michael Käppler:
Am 15.12.2021 um 19:26 schrieb Jonas Hahnfeld:
No, the static libfribidi.a should define them without the __imp_
prefix which is special to shared Dlls. The compiler generates
references to them if a function declaration is annotated with
__declspec(dllimport). For FriBiDi, this decision happens in fribidi-
common.h where FRIBIDI_ENTRY should be '#define'd away if
FRIBIDI_LIB_STATIC is defined, which is injected from
Hmm...I did understand the error differently. From checking with 'nm' I
can tell that the symbols are actually defined in libfribidi.a _without_
the __imp_ prefix. But libpango-1.0.a has references to the prefixed symbols.
Yes, so Pango's build was not aware that libfribidi was built
Could you share mingw/dependencies/log/pango-1.48.7.log and
mingw/dependencies/build/pango-1.48.7/meson-logs/meson-log.txt ? The
latter should show `-DFRIBIDI_LIB_STATIC` as part of the --cflags
returned by
That is not the case. I think I found the related issue here:
and see also

Since we do not use the 'meson' build system for fribidi this fix
would not help, right?
I could fix it locally by manually patching, adding

After recompiling fribidi and pango I could complete a LilyPond mingw
build successfully.

Interesting why it worked for you, though.

Btw, they fixed this in fribidi 10 days ago:

I would suggest patching `` for now and then bumping
fribidi to 1.0.12 as soon as
it becomes available.

I found but not sure
if this is related.
Pango switched to generating their *.pc files through meson afterwards.
In the generated pango.pc, fribidi is not mentioned.
I don't think this is related, it was closed more than three years ago
and I see fribidi listed as dependency now.

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