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Re: What autogenerated documentation to translate

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: What autogenerated documentation to translate
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2022 21:37:51 +0100
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Le 10/01/2022 à 20:08, Jonas Hahnfeld a écrit :
Am Montag, dem 10.01.2022 um 01:47 +0100 schrieb Jean Abou Samra:

Suppose I submitted a change allowing to translate
autogenerated documentation via PO files (likely not
this week because I already have syntax highlighting
on my plate, but this discussion can already happen now).
Regardless of what is translated, a quick comment on the *how*: In my
opinion, this shouldn't be done in the "runtime" translation files in
po/. There's a separate set of files in Documentation/po/ that are also
used for translation of the snippets.

Good point.

What should we translate?

One reason for asking is that the list of Scheme
is quite large (693 docstrings, as many as context
properties and grob properties together) and all very
technical, so I don't know if is a good idea to translate
No, if users start programming Scheme, they should be fine with the
English documentation. In general, I wouldn't translate anything in the
Internals manual.

More precisely, for which of the following should
translation support be added?

- Markup and markup list function docstrings

- Music function docstrings
These two would be nice because they are user-facing.

- Type predicates
Not sure why these are in the NR at all?

I believe it's because you need them in order to
pick predicates for your own syntax functions
(when using define-{music,event,scheme,void}-function).
Too broad a predicate can cause trouble because
it can lead to the argument -2 being taken as a number
when you meant a fingering and similar confusions.

- All the stuff in the first three parts of the
    Internals Reference: Music definitions, Translation,
    Backend (including property docstrings,
    music expression & context & engraver & grob interface
    docstrings, etc.)

- The list of Scheme functions.
In my opinion, no.

Ok, opinion recorded. I'll wait some more days
to hear others (and as said I won't be working
on this before a few days anyway).


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