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Re: Blockers for Guile 2.2

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Blockers for Guile 2.2
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2022 00:55:25 +0100
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Le 17/03/2022 à 22:38, Jonas Hahnfeld a écrit :
Am Donnerstag, dem 17.03.2022 um 22:10 +0100 schrieb Jean Abou Samra:
Le 17 mars 2022 à 20:35, Jonas Hahnfeld < a écrit :

Now merged. And while you can continue building with Guile 1.8 (for
now), I hope we can remove that code soon after the next release. So
please don't do this and switch your builds to Guile 2.2 🙂
One more thing: I suppose you want an unstable release to happen rather
sooner than later now there we're on Guile 2, is there a moment planned?
This is a mere curiosity question.
Yes, and unless somebody objects with good reasons, I'd like to manage
the releases for some time now. (So far, I may have often done some
preparatory work, but Phil did the actual release commits, built using
GUB and uploaded the results.) But no concrete date planned yet, we
(Han-Wen and me) need to discuss how the source tarball gets uploaded
to and how to update the online documentation. If that
goes really fast, maybe this weekend but rather unlikely, I would say.

OK, thanks. One other thought in passing: should we
write to maintainers of popular distros to let them know
that we've switched to Guile 2?

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