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Couple of questions

From: Jérémie Lumbroso
Subject: Couple of questions
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 15:45:34 +0200

Hi all,

   Since  a  few  weeks,  I've gone into serious typesetting
   with  an average of a page an hour (two staffs, four voi-
   ces),  because I'm "restauring" the works of a lost harp-
   sichordist  for a friend, and with every piece, I've dis-
   covered  more  and  more the incredible strength (I can't
   seriously can't imagine doing this with my Finale, or Si-
   belius),  but also a few flaws/things I don't know how to

       - I'd like to put the title and subtitle of the piece
         where  the instrument name usually is (right of the
         staff) like this :

         name of  address@hidden
         piece    =F===========


         Using  the  Staff.Instrument (whatever), arises two
         incovenients  :  it's pretty hard to blindly select
         sizes using LaTex \\huge \\large \\LARGE to set the
         font  sizes,  and it have to add TOOOONNS of spaces
         to have the String place correctly. I'm certain the
         latter  is  a  bug.  For one reason or another, the
         text is on the Staff, this isn't corrected by chan-
         ging  indent properties or anything, it really just
         sticks to the staff (this is true for every attempt
         I've done until now).

         Making  this an option with ly2dvi would have seve-
         ral  advantages,  notably, the one of saving a line
         of  music : the name of the piece just takes up the
         place  of  small  default indent. Of course this is
         only useful for harpsichord pieces, or trio sonatas
         because  in orchestral score, you'd rather want the
         instrument names.

       - There doesn't seem to be a double repeat bar :||: I
         tried  putting consecutives \bar ":|" and then \bar
         "|:", but this doesn't work, and I've looked in the
         bar  section  as well. Have I just overlooked some-
         thing, or was this forgotten.

       - I perfectly know that  sluring grace notes with the
         next  one is not available in current stable relea-
         ses, but I'm wondering if somebody hasn't figured a
         clever trick to manage this, as my score looks ugly
         with  all these "orphan" grace notes all over them.
         I'll  almost  have to trade readibility/beauty over
         authenticity, by using the cheute ornament(the com-

       - I'm not sure if I  already signaled this, but grace
         from  a  new  line  appear in the custodes from the
         previous  one, something that shouldn't happen. The
         worst,  is  that  the  custodes  shows the grace(s)
         note(s)  and  it's  following  note, thus making an
         truely unreadable mess at times. Grace notes should
         be *invisible* to custodes.

   Of  course, I just mentionned everything that went wrong,
   but  that's  because  I'm  not quite sure what purpose it
   would  serve to talk about everything that's going right,
   and also unsure about if people would read through my me-
   ssage if I were to list them all :-)

   Again,  Lilypond  developpers, you've done a swell job on
   your program.


Kind Regards,
 Jérémie                          mailto:address@hidden

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