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command for 'sequences'?

From: jos
Subject: command for 'sequences'?
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 09:34:47 +0200


I have a lilypond question: is there a command for
making sequences of notes? A sequence is a series of 
notes within a certain scale (eg g major), based on
a cell of notes eg, 'g a b c'. A sequence would then
be for instance:

  g a b c   a b c d   b c d e    c d e f#  d e f# g  

etc. What i am looking for is a command to automatize 
this, maybe like this:

  \StepUp{b c d e} 

would produce 

  c d e f#

(note that this is not the same as transposition as 
in a sequence the 'step up' is not chromatic, but diatonic). 
The reason that i want this is that i make practising
notes for singers, and sequences of notes are very
useful for learning to sight read and get a feel for
the scale.

best regards


ps please also send a copy of your reply to my
personal address as i'm not yet on the list.

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