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Re: command for 'sequences'?

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: command for 'sequences'?
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 21:11:02 +0200

jos wrote:

> I have a lilypond question: is there a command for
> making sequences of notes?

Not a command but it's easy in scheme
Notice how I just use the lilypond transpose for keys different from C
\version "1.4.1"

#(define  ((shift-pitch amount) p)
  (let* ((o (pitch-octave p))
         (a (pitch-alteration p))
         (n (pitch-notename p)))

    (set! n (+ amount n))
    (while (< n 0) (begin (set!  o (- o 1)) (set! n (+ n 7))))
    (while (> n 6) (begin (set!  o (+ o 1)) (set! n (- n 7))))

    (make-pitch o n a)))

#(define ((shift amount) music)
  (let* ((es (ly-get-mus-property music 'elements))
         (e (ly-get-mus-property music 'element))
         (p (ly-get-mus-property music 'pitch))
         (body (ly-get-mus-property music 'body))
         (alts (ly-get-mus-property music 'alternatives)))

    (if (pair? es)
         music 'elements
         (map (shift amount) es)))

    (if (music? alts)
         music 'alternatives
         ((shift amount) alts)))

    (if (music? body)
         music 'body
         ((shift amount)  body)))

    (if (music? e)
         music 'element
         ((shift amount) e)))

    (if (pitch? p)
          (set! p ((shift-pitch amount) p))
          (ly-set-mus-property music 'pitch p)))


sega = \notes \relative c' <
  \context Voice=va {\stemUp e8^4 f e g^5 d^2 e}
  \context Voice=vb {\stemDown c4._2 b_1 }
segb = \notes \relative c'' <
  \context Voice=va {\stemUp e4.^4 f^5 }
  \context Voice=vb {\stemDown c8_2 b c a d^4 c }

sequence = \notes {
  \apply #(shift 1) \sega
  \apply #(shift 2) \sega
  \apply #(shift 3) \sega
  \apply #(shift 4) \sega
  \apply #(shift 5) \sega
  \apply #(shift 6) \sega
  \apply #(shift -1) \segb
  \apply #(shift -2) \segb
  \apply #(shift -3) \segb
  \apply #(shift -4) \segb
  \apply #(shift -5) \segb
  \apply #(shift -6) \segb
    \context Voice=va {\stemUp e'2.}
    \context Voice=vb {\stemDown c'2.}

\score {
  \notes \context Staff {
    \time 6/8
    \transpose g' \sequence
    \transpose d' \sequence
    \transpose a' \sequence
  \paper { }
  \midi { \tempo 8=180 }

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