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Re: request for a template

From: Ian Bailey-Mortimer
Subject: Re: request for a template
Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2001 17:21:59 +1000

Hi Jeff (and lilyponders),

> I was hoping that someone could forward me a template or two for making
> standard church-choir type music layout.  You know what I mean:
> So, if someone has a template/song around that they wouldn't mind
> forwarding to me to use as a starting point, I would really appreciate it.
> I would learn so much about the right way to format stuff, and get some
> nice results faster as well.

This doesn't meet all your requirements (for example, only one line of
lyrics), but it should get you started.

You will need most of the .ly files; ly2dvi should give you the
kind of score you want. Note, 1.4.8 gives me lots of warnings about tuplets,
because of the way I have matched the 3/4 and 9/8 rhythms, which I ignore.

For anyone interested, I have arranged the same for string quartet.


Ian Bailey-Mortimer <address@hidden>  <_><

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