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Re: Documentation, and troubles compiling

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: Documentation, and troubles compiling
Date: 08 Nov 2001 17:24:45 +0100

Alan McConnell <address@hidden> writes:

[cc to list; technical content of general interest]

> >     apt-get install g++

>       But I did it, and it installed, I guess OK.

> /usr/local/include/g++-v3/bits/locale_facets.tcc: At top level:

But you're  still using 3.x libstdc++ headers, so it seems you also need
to get the 2.x version of libstdc++dev

For unstable, this is

    apt-get install libstdc++2.10-dev

but you can try

    apt-get install libstdc++-dev

and see what 2.x version it suggests.  INSTALL.txt does mention this, btw.

> For I then
>       disabled my gcc 3.0, made sure that my gcc was, as before
>       2.95.3, and my "./configure --without-kpathsea"  ran fine.
>       [  Incidentally, I don't understand why I have to use that
>       option.  I did a "whereis kpathsea" and got pointed at an
>       empty directory.  But my TeX, which I use a lot, runs fine,
>       makes new fonts etc etc.  But I guess that's my problem . . . ]

The INSTALL.txt says you need to get libkpathsea-dev, or tetex-dev,
depending on which distribution you are.  You better install this,
because you'll get lots of font troubles if you don't.

> I don't know anything about Flex.  Should I learn it?

No, the only thing you need do is just, please, follow the INSTALL

> Or is there a possibility that you could send me -- perhaps post to
> the list -- a new lexer.ll?

There's nothing wrong with lexer.ll.  The problem arises when you
choose to install a too new compiler (gcc-3.x), but try to use it
together with a too old flex.  As far as I know this situation only
occurs after explicit user interaction; no distributions ship a broken
c++ development environment by default.


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