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pp subitio

From: Graham Percival
Subject: pp subitio
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 17:17:23 -0800

Hi guys, lilypond is fantastic.  Without it, I'd have had to install Windows 
to do my composition course.  :)

Anyway, I needed to use "pp subito" in a piece.  At first I tried using 
normal text ( < c\pp {s8 s8_#"subito"}> ),  but that looked horrible.  In the 
end, I used the following definition:

ppsub = #'(columns(dynamic "pp"),(bold " subito"))

and then just used " c\ppsub ".  So if anybody needs to use subito, there's 
one way.  (presented in the hope that another newbie can find it in the list 

Does anybody think it's worth submitting this as a patch?  More general 
question: what's the status of little snippets like that?  There's many 
ones in the tutorial and reference manual (\stemUp, the "8va hack" in 
reference->text spanners, etc) that could be very useful if included in 
standard lilypond.

- Graham Percival

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