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Re: pp subitio

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: pp subitio
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 11:33:25 +0100

> HWN> It would be neat if we had a section like "Tips and tricks" that that
> HWN> demonstrated all the little neat hacks, preferably in some kind of
> HWN> 'condensed' format (e.g. treat lots of techniques in one example, like
> HWN> in the tutorial), because reproducing source (.ly) code takes up a lot
> HWN> of space.
> HWN> If anyone wants to code up such examples, they'd be welcome. The
> HWN> input/test/ directory is completely filled with snippets like  the
> HWN> above, but it seems most people don't look there very often.
> We already do!
> see

Yes, and we have even more examples in the regression test
document. Something like the regression testwith more of
tips and tricks would be easy to put together. Using the
verbatim lilypond-book option for the examples makes it 
easy to see both source code and the resulting score. 
(In an on-line version, you may prefer to have just the
music and a link where you could click to view the 
source code. Why not add a new option, verbatim-link, in
lilypond-book to get that results?)


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