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Re: Coda and Voice Combining

From: David Wynn
Subject: Re: Coda and Voice Combining
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 11:41:03 -0600

I'm including my file as an attachment.  Again, this is an example of simple
concepts not working out so simply with a real life, (read: complex)

We're trying to set this file up to have an intro line that has no lyrics,
followed by music with lyrics.  I've tried to set up my file following
Mats's simple example below.  But, if you run this through lilypond, you'll
quickly see that something is not working right.

In order to see the music as it should be, replace the Intro notes at the
beginning of the Treble notes, and remove the Intro line from the score.
This makes the music look right, but of course the lyrics now start at the
beginning, instead of after the Intro.

Please have some consideration with this file -- our church is using this
music, but I do not know the original author, nor the publishing status of
this music.  It is presented here in order to correct this specific issue.

David Wynn
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From: "Mats Bengtsson" <address@hidden>
Cc: "David Wynn" <address@hidden>
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 9:42 AM
Subject: Re: Coda and Voice Combining

> > As an easier alternative -- if its possible to delay lyrics, my file
> > easier to program.  That is, I want the lyrics to follow one certain set
> > notes, but to totally ignore those notes for the first 20 bars or so (no
> > lyrics with the intro music).
> If you specify the rhythm of each syllable explicitly in the lyrics,
> it's just to insert a \skip 1*20 command in the lyrics.
> I'm not sure how to do it with \addlyrics, but in principle it
> should be possible to do something like
> \context Staff { \intro \addlyrics \verse \text}
> but I'd have to do some experimentation to find out exactly how
> to do it.

The following simple example seems to work:

intro=\notes\relative c'{c4 d e f}
song=\notes\relative c''{g a g f | e f e d | c1}
text=\lyrics{This is not a song worth pub -- lish -- ing }

\score {
  \context Staff=melody {\intro
     \addlyrics \song \context Lyrics = text \text}

By the way, if you have an empty \paper{} section, you
could just as well remove it completely.


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