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Re: Shape notes

From: Sander, Martin
Subject: Re: Shape notes
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 08:51:38 +0100

Dear Laura!

Many, many thanks for your thorough answer. I see your point and can go
perfectly well with it.

I never knew of the custom to print tune and words in different books.
Of course I know books giving just the lyrics and an indication of the
melodie, but never (apart from acompanying instrumentals) the other way
round. And I know from old music (Schuetz and so) books with notes on
one page and the lyrics on the opposite one. And anyhow, it's certainly
better to get people singing by this or that way than keeping them off,
because they are afraid (too busy, lazy or whatever) to learn the 'hard

So it certainly would be fine to 'have' (just in case) shape notes.

I learned a lot today.

Have a good day!


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