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Re: lilypond - drumpitch adaptation

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: lilypond - drumpitch adaptation
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 10:32:07 +0100 (MET)
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Citat Latawiec Régis <address@hidden>:

> dist 8.1, used rpm version of lilypond 1.4.2.

You should upgrade to 1.4.11

> About me: I am just starting with lilypond... hoping this open source
> software will fit to my needs!

One of the good things with open source is that it is much easier to request
"special features" - especially if they are easy to implement.
I am very happy about working in this environment at least, hope you will be

> 2/ I found another issue that you may have already experimented with
> drums: I would like to use grace notes (\grace command). I found that
> as
> soon as I indicate lilypond to use drum typesets, grace notes do not
> appear: they are shown as two notes played at the same time (since
> lilypond considers grace notes with 0 duration). Is it a lilypond
> limitation?.

Well, I am currently running 1.5.32 in which there are no problems - i.e. the
bug have fixed itself.
I will take a look at 1.4.11, soon.

> 3/ Special fonts, I would like these features:
>       * add a black or white circle above noteheads (of any kind) like
> 'open'
> articulation (this is the left or right hand indication when needed)

I don't understand.
What is wrong with the "open"-script - as used in hho8 hhc hho hhc...?
You can also add scripts yourself as in sn-\open.
Please explain again if I miss-understood.

>       * a triangle, head down side

Like in cowbell?


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