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Re: lilypond - drumpitch adaptation

From: Latawiec Régis
Subject: Re: lilypond - drumpitch adaptation
Date: 27 Feb 2002 21:50:58 +0100

Dear Rune,

Many thanks for your explanations. Now it's clear for me.

1/ I forgot to give the basic information about my box: linux, mandrake
dist 8.1, used rpm version of lilypond 1.4.2.
About me: I am just starting with lilypond... hoping this open source
software will fit to my needs!

2/ I found another issue that you may have already experimented with
drums: I would like to use grace notes (\grace command). I found that as
soon as I indicate lilypond to use drum typesets, grace notes do not
appear: they are shown as two notes played at the same time (since
lilypond considers grace notes with 0 duration). Is it a lilypond

Here is a short example (grace notes are ok if the apply command is

\include ""
\score {
    \notes   {
        \time  4/4
        \clef "percussion"
%       \apply #(drums->paper 'drums)  
        { \grace sna8 sna8 }

3/ Special fonts, I would like these features:
        * add a black or white circle above noteheads (of any kind) like 'open'
articulation (this is the left or right hand indication when needed)
        * a triangle, head down side



le mer 27-02-2002 à 12:38, Rune Zedeler a écrit :
> (cc'ing list as this might be relevant for other users)
> Citat Latawiec Régis <address@hidden>:
> > I am trying to use lilypond for african percussion transcription
> > (djembe, dundun). To create new symbols, I added some new notes to the
> > file you have written and I have 2 questions:
> Okay, sounds nice.
> You haven't mentioned which lilypond you use, so I assume 1.4.11 (latest 
> stable
> release)
> > 1/ I don't understand why there is 2 pitch definitions for one single
> > note:
> I understand that you don't understand.
> I'll try and explain.
> > * for the note definition and short name:
> >     (acousticbassdrum bda   ,(make-pitch -3 6 0 ))
> This pitch definition is the pitch that lilypond remembers internally. Every
> time you enter a bda or a acousticbassdrum in your score, it translates to the
> note (-3 6 0) which is a low 'b'.
> It is also the pitch used in the midi output. - in GM the acoustic bassdrum IS
> the low b.
> > * for the note head:
> >     (acousticbassdrum default       ,#f       ,(make-pitch -1 4 0))
> This is the pitch that is typeset on the paper. I agree that it is a bit 
> strange
> that you have to specify the accidental (3rd number), - just leave it as 0 as
> you are not interested in having any accidentals typeset in the paper output.
> This pitch states that the acoustic bassdrum translates into the g below 
> central
> c. (-1 is the octave, and 4 is the note number. - you see that g is the 4th 
> note
> if you count from 0. 0 is the accidental. 1 would have meand g#, and -1 would
> have meant gb)
> Notice that the percussion clef behaves like a c clef - that is: Central c is
> the middle line.
> Even though you don't need midi output you still need two pitches because that
> lilypond remembers a note ONLY by pitch, and you have to distinguish drums 
> that
> are typeset on the same line on the staff. I.e. you have to distinguish open 
> and 
> closed highat even though they are both typeset in the upper space.
> You shouldn't change the midi-pitch-definitions - just leave drum-pitch-names 
> as
> they are and then add the existing drums (the drums defined in 
> drum-pitch-names)
> to the definitions below.
> > 2/ Do you know if it is possible to create new notehead drawings? 
> Yes it is, but you have to "program" the note heads in the language called
> metafont. In other words you cannot use a graphical editor - just like with
> lilypond you have to type in the definition on your keyboard and then compile
> the note heads using the program metafont.
> You don't mention wheter you use Windows or Unix.
> If you are running unix and have built lilypond yourself you can see the
> definitions of the lilypond-noteheads in mf/
> Which note-heads do you need?
> -Rune
> P.S. don't hesitate to write again if you don't understand.

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