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Transcribing audio to manuscript

From: Stephen Allsopp
Subject: Transcribing audio to manuscript
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 09:52:23 +0000

Since I first got lilypond going, I've been learning how to use it by 
transcribing audio into .ly files. This takes me back to my early music 
studies, except that then I had to do it by hand!

Those musical studies are a long way behind now, though, and - while I'm 
pleased to have the ability to be able to do this at all - I'm conscious of the 
fact that I'm probably not doing it in the best/most efficient way: on the 
other hand, never having been formally shown how to do this (as a string 
player, I was spared having to learn piano staff notation, etc., etc), reducing 
to piano score, for example, becomes quite a tricky task.

Do others on the list do similar stuff, and does anyone have any tips on how to 
make the task quicker, easier and/or more accurate? Or pointers to books/web 
pages on the subject?

I'm aware that this isn't _strictly_ a lilypond issue, but this is about as 
suitable a forum as I think I'm likely to find...

Stephen Allsopp  address@hidden

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