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Making a half-note overlap an eight-note

From: Bas Wassink
Subject: Making a half-note overlap an eight-note
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 10:52:05 +0200


Can someone tell me how I can make a half-note overlap an eight-note ?

       |  *   *   *
      O  |   |   |
     |   |   |   |

The open notehead (O) should be visible while the stem of the eight-note (*)
under the (O) is connected to the half-note.
I've tried using \ShiftOff or \property Voice.NoteCollision \override
#'merge-differently-dotted = ##t .
None of this worked.

Is there any other property of the NoteCollision engraver I can use? I've
looked at the online documentation but I couldn't find any usefull
properties to set/override.

Hopefully someone understands what I'm asking...


Bas Wassink.

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