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Re: Windows bug report

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: Windows bug report
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 13:46:56 +0200
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"Andy Winton" <address@hidden> writes:

[please keep LilyPond discussions on the list.  Btw, your MTA seems to
 ignore my Mail-Followup-To: header]

> How do you create the PDF?
>       lilypond -i t1.txt; tex t1.tex; dvipdfm t1.dvi

dvipdfm is not supported, because it can't handle important postscript
specials (read: no slurs and beams in LilyPond output).  From the

dvipdfm(1)                                             dvipdfm(1)

       dvipdfm - Produce PDF files directly from DVI files

       The program dvipdfm recognizes several commonly used \special
       commands, which are extensions to the DVI format.

> These symbols are generated in PostScript.  Do they appear on the
> printed output (paper?).
>       The problem is I am on a Windoze PC and only have a PDF viewer.

A PostScript engine (ghostview, aka gs) and a viewer (gsview32) are
supplied with the windows installation.  Please rerun setup.exe and
install these packages.

On GNU/Linux, there's a utility called ps2pdf for producing pdf files.
Procducing PDF on windows is not yet supported.


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