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Windows bug report

From: Andy Winton
Subject: Windows bug report
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 10:46:02 +0100

hi there,

I've just installed from the setup program lilypond
for windows. (I'm on windows98)

It produces pages of music in PDF, but there are one or
two problems -

1)  It looks like c'. or c.' is a syntax error. I can
        use \relative but this does not cover all the cases
        where I might need to use c'.  Is this only a
        problem under windows?

2)  It looks like slurs ( ) are not printed in PDF on windows.

3) It looks like [ ] are also not printed.

I'm not sure if these problems are only windows or only PDF
error (I doubt it for the first one).  But I thought I'd
pass this on.


andy winton

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