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Weird beaming problem with major seconds

From: Chris Lipe
Subject: Weird beaming problem with major seconds
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 20:34:46 -0400
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I am currently working on a piece for concert band, and am setting it using lilypond 1.4.11, under Red Hat Linux 7.2. In the score, I have the first and second flute parts on the same line, and there's a part where they are both playing an eighth note ostinato, and on the offbeats the resulting harmony between the two is a second. This produces some very odd beaming results. I've attached a sample measure so you can see. Do you know a) if this is a bug and b) if there's a workaround?
Chris Lipe

FluteI = \notes {
   \clef treble
   \relative c''' {
\time 4/4 [aes8-\p( f] [aes f] [aes f] [aes )f] |
FluteII = \notes {
   \clef treble
   \relative c'' {
\time 4/4 [bes8-\p( ees] [bes ees] [bes ees] [bes )ees] |

\score {
 \context Staff = flutes
   \property Staff.instrument = "Flute 1,2"
   \property Staff.instr = "Fl 1,2"
   \property Staff.midiInstrument = #"flute"
   \context Voice=one \partcombine Voice
     \context Thread=one \FluteI
     \context Thread=two \FluteII

\paper { }

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