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upgrade to 1.4.12 woes

From: dobratzp
Subject: upgrade to 1.4.12 woes
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 10:15:29 -0400 (EDT)
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I just upgraded from to 1.4.12 and have a few problems.  First of all
grace notes:

\grace { [ fis''16 gis'' ] }

In 1.4.9 this code was fine, however with 1.4.12 I get the following
2 error messages:

warning: already have a beam:
\grace { [
           fis''16 gis'' ] }

warning: unterminated beam:
\grace { [
           fis''16 gis'' ] }

The output is still the expected 2 grace notes connected with a beam.

Additionally, midi generation reports a barcheck failure on the first
partial measure.  Here's a small example file that produces the

      \time 3/4
      \clef violin
      \key b \major
      \partial 4

      a4 |

Also, the lilypond mode that comes with 1.4.12 doesn't work.  It tries
to load lilypond-indent, but the file lilypond-indent.el is missing.
I managed to get around this by grabbing an earlier version which
doesn't use this file.  Wouldn't it be cooler if the lilypond emacs
mode was available separately from the main lilypond distribution.
Technically I can use lilypond without emacs and also use emacs
without lilypond (although the latter makes less sense).

Peter Dobratz

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