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Re: glissando

From: Macros The Black
Subject: Re: glissando
Date: Tue, 07 May 2002 19:11:42 -0100
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First of all there are several issues in you posting that you should correct in the future - otherwise we have a much harder time helping you

To save your own time, I also recommend that you use the
\relative feature to avoid having to repeat the absolute
octave for each note in the score. So, instead of \notes {[cis'''8 b'' a'' gis''] [g'' fis'' e'' dis'']}

you could say

\notes \relative c''' {cis8 b a gis g fis e dis}

To say the truth - I don't really get the idea of \relatives ->
would that mean that with \relative c'
i can write d e f g b c instead of d' e' f' g' b' c' ?

(Note that Lilypond also gives you the beams you want automatically!)

I know that, but I think that it makes them somehow wrong sometimes ... ( You know I'm rewriting from
another paper, and I'm trying to make it as same as posible ... )


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