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installer burps

From: default_user
Subject: installer burps
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 14:12:58 -0400


Confusing, after running the lilypond "setup.exe" it totally forgets
to install even "lilypond" ??
Adding, checking, all the libraries and programs from
I still get error-popups from missing cygint-1.dll and cygpng2.dll.
The Lilypond will now run BUT the resulting note sheets are screwed
Adding gettext 0.10.40-1, libintl1 0.10.40-1, libpng 1.0.1303 seems to
make it run well
BUT the standard Cygwin "install.exe" conflicts with the Lilypond
"install.exe" .
There may also be a conflict between the two versions in texmf
20000804-2 and its relatives -base, -doc, -extra, and thin.


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